Basement Economics, LLC

Basement Economics, LLC is an education center devoted to fostering primary to advanced knowledge of transforming economies, utilizing art as teaching material. We believe that young artists, workers, and students must reflect on the perpetually shifting economic landscape—especially in a place as tumultuous as New York's City. And we believe they must be kept cool.

Join us
Friday, 14 August 2014
at 6:00 PM

We regret to admit Basement Economics LLC has closed do to an apparent lack of limited liability and company.

at our headquarters in Chelsea
at 266 West 25th Street
(in the basement)
New York, New York 10001
for our inaugural class meeting on
Cold Water Trade
with artists
Josiah Ellis
Everett Narciso.

Cold water trade is a slip of the tongue that happened in conversation about the 19th century industry known as the Ice Trade or Frozen Water Trade. It was a kind of global redistribution of temperature that ended with the invention of mechanical refrigeration when the production of ice was localized.

...the mis-speak is the ghost of an industry: the result of an ever increasing "entropic indifferentiation that is the future promised to us by late capitalism." Sure enough, ghosts in some way seem to show themselves in the absent chairs, unfilled clothing and empty containers collected from the street, and gathered from the corners of ones house that have not been paid any attention to.