Pro's Poetry Club

Pro’s Poetry Club is was an organization supported by The Association of Professional Poets United Inc. to support written works with a robust, lightweight community of creatives working in New York’s City. P.P.C. meets twice a month for readings and networking at Ass. Pro. P. U. Inc.’s HQ in Chelsea.

P.P.C. is on permanent hiatus and is considering relaunching as "The Write-Wingers Union" in Summer 2016. Email us if you're interested! [email protected]

P.P.C. attempts to adapt the function and structure of critique to written works. After each reading, we briefly discuss our immediate impressions. Later on, once we have allowed time to think, we use a shared Google Drive folder to make comments on each other's works. Take a look at what we've done here:

Click to see our shared Google Drive folder.

The Drive folder is organized into subfolders for each week's meetings. Participants (i.e. associated professionals) may—but are not required to—share their writings at any time. Ass. Pro's may ask for comments via email list or after their reading in a meeting.

Want to come?

We try to keep a relatively small group to make sure everyone is heard, but we always welcome guests! Email [email protected] to get write access to the Drive folder and upload your works.

Next Meeting: