The 10th International Convention on the Redrafting of the Oxford English Dictionary

Solve for X : An Ongoing Investigation
on Applied systems on the Application of systems

Sebastian Quijada Link’s show Solve for X consists of a grouping of work that investigates how objects react when an outside system is imposed upon them.

The imposing systems that are at play in his work include, but are not limited to, line, shape, pattern, letter forms, and, most recently, text.

Systems such as those that look to codify distance, volume, and language use a set of ‘constants’ in an attempt to clarify unknown ‘variables’ through their juxtaposition. An example of a ‘constant’ would be the meter (m) which is part of a system of measurement that hopes to clarify the ‘variable’ of space.

This attempt to understand a lot of content (variables) through the application of a system (a series of constants), is a compressive action.

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About the ICROED

The International Convention on the Redrafting of the Oxford English Dictionary (now in its tenth iteration) is a passionate and determined community of concerned individuals limitless nationalities coming together to champion the right for words to be forgotten. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) must not continue its practice of forever retaining its definitions, only adding new entries to its dictionaries. It must purge its databases of language which was has become moribund.

Our Mission

We believe that language has a right to shed its skin, to leave its waste behind.

To be alive is to be a futurist of one sort or another, because life necessarily entails expectation, projection, and desire of things to come and memory. The last necessity, memory, is the irreducible truth from which the conservative starts to make his claims on the future.

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