266 W
25 St

Why would this space shapeshift?

266 W 25 St is an open, artist-run space to be activated by a series of short-term projects. We choose not to brand nor give 266 W 25 St a defined mission—opting instead to allow participating artists to craft not only their projects but also the institutions that will surround their work. For every event or presentation held at 266 W 25th St, an institution is designed to best fit the content of the showing. These institutions will shift from one to another, perhaps smoothly, perhaps abruptly.

We choose to no longer mourn the traditional institution. We embrace its ephemerality. The container is merely secondary. We search for new stories around which we can gather. We need turnovers to improve iteratively, room to experiment, and places to collaborate freely. We are not concerned with any long term mission.

266 W 25 St is a project in community building, programming, and design. It is a shell for work to form.

For more information, or to submit a proposal, email [email protected]